I am WAY to behind on posts! Sorry!

I have been extremely busy and have not been able to post in the last two weeks. But to make up for it I’m going to post a bunch of pictures and quick notes about what I’ve been up to in NYC!

Molly, Ryan and I went sailing in the Long Island Sound. SO much fun. I even learned to steer the boat and a few other basic sailing things.

I got put on a few big projects at work so I’ve been busy and not bored!

I went for a bike ride last saturday in Brooklyn all the way down to Brooklyn Bridge Park where I stopped and watched the Skyline, had some ice cream and regain my breath! (It was HOT and I was dead tired when I got there. 

Mayor Bloomberg put on a CityWide Interns Dinner where we had BBQ, open bar and then a speech from the mayor himself. It was a pretty great night!

As of last night, my friend Kailey is now here and visiting me! Shes jet lagged and sleeping so I’m taking this time to blog! I very excited to show her the city I’ve been living in!

Thats all for now. I love you all and thanks for reading! 


Cousins visit! Kathleen and myself selfie!Image

Williamsburg Bridge and Freedom TowerImage

Cousins shot with Kev!Image

My building!Image

Meet my awesome boss and fellow intern!Image

Random city picImage


Skyline view. My favorite!Image



Washington Square Park!Image

ImageLearning to steer!



ImageMy favorite view in the city. Just a few blocks over from where we live in Brooklyn.Image The magnificent ship we sailed on!Image Molly and I 🙂


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Coney Island and a Bike Ride

Quick post here!

This Friday, a few interns and a supervisor from our department went to a Celebrity Softball game in Coney Island! I’ve been wanting to visit the theme park even thought its a huge tourist trap. Unfortunately it rained like crazy and all the rides were closed down. I plan to try out “The Cyclone” sometime soon though! We had the pleasure of eating at Nathan’s which is a heart attack waiting to happen but apparently it is a must visit place down on Coney Island. The food was great! We even ate outside in the rain… luckily I bought a umbrella a few days ago. After Nathan’s we went to the game even though it was still pouring on us. Nelly was the host along with a few other celebs who I’ve never heard of. A few play for the NY Giants along with Vinny from Jersey Shore. It was great to spend some time with friends from the office. I really like everyone there! We bonded over free Mike and Ike’s and being freezing/soaking wet!

Today Scully and I were suppose to spend the day surfing but our bus was canceled do to the bad weather predictions. Maybe next weekend we’ll be able to go.

Instead of surfing I was able to finally catch up on sleep! Scully and I (Molly is back home in WA for the weekend) then went biking around Brooklyn. We stopped at the waterfront and visited a food festival called Smogasburg. A bunch of food destinations from around the City all came together to promote their products. The food was AMAZING and cheap. I had my favorite: Pulled pork!!!!

We then took the bikes up to northern Brooklyn for a few beers, then onto Queens. On the way back we encountered an Italian religious festival. There were rides, vendors and tons of food! Ryan and I bought a few bags of “Zeppole” which is basically deep fried dough covered in powdered sugar. SO FREAKING DELICIOUS. I’m sure its super healthy as well… Totally worth it.

I definitely fell in love with Brooklyn today. I can’t wait for what tomorrow has to offer!  



A building that welcomes Graffiti. 



Coney Island off in the distance. Seen from the softball field. 



NYC Skyline. NEVER gets old. I love it. 


Following Scully through the streets. 


Myself at the waterfront. Empire State Building off in the distance!


My Bolivan pulled pork.



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The Fun Stuff

Molly, Ryan and I have been having a ton of fun these last few weeks.

The combination of great bars, great food, beaching, bowling and city events have made these last few weeks so much fun.

Did I mention the bars? Because we’ve seen plenty of those and its been quite a good time. I learned to be careful at the bars where Molly’s friends are bar tenders because they tend to be very liberal with their pouring of drinks. Enough said. 🙂

Molly and I went to the Pride March in Manhattan which was crazy fun and super interesting to see all the different people being crazy and themselves in front of thousands of people! I even bought a tank in support of marriage equality. We saw Mayor Bloomberg!

Ryan killed me in bowling. No shock there. I blame it on the beer.

I was able to attend a event put on by the Steve Nash Foundation and the Parks Department. It was a celebrity soccer game with NBA players and professional soccer players as well. They raised money for at risk youth! I met Steve Nash and a few other cool athletes!

We went to the beach on Long Island and I attempted to surf. I got up a few times! Although I got the sunburn of the century. Ouch. Next time I’ll continue to apply sunscreen throughout the day. It was a PERFECT 4th of July though. After the beach we went to a rooftop party and had steaks and some more beer with some of Molly and Ryan’s fantastic friends. We saw a little bit of the fireworks but I LOVED seeing the Freedom Tower lit up Red, White and Blue. So beautiful.

This Saturday I went to Central Park for a new friends birthday party. Her name is Saba and shes probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! We played games in the park and then got burgers and beers after. It was a great time!

Image 11VIP pass for the Steve Nash game!

Image 12View from the 4th of July Party

Image 15Stu Holden and myself at the Steve Nash soccer game

Image 1The birthday party group for Saba’s birthday

Image 2Saba and me!

Image 3Dinner with the extended family which turned into many family shots

Image 4Fireworks (sorry all the pics are out of order)

Image 5View of the Freedom Tower 🙂

Image 6My favorite building, Time Warner Center. Its right next to the building I work in.

Image 7Pride March with these two lovely ladies

Image 8My amazing cousin and myself

Image 9BBQ we attended

Image 12Steve Nash and me

Image 13Game photo

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Intern Stuff

I apparently am not the best blogger. My apologies! Life here in the city is BUSY.

The last few weeks have really picked up at work which I’m really enjoying. A fellow intern and myself wrote a proposal for a new program that emphasized keeping kids active and healthy to be implemented in the Kids in Motion program here in the city. Our supervisors liked it and asked us to facilitate part of a training that Parkies from all 5 boroughs had to attend. It was super cool to be apart of this project! At first it started out rocky but we quickly adapted and were able to make the training effective. Afterwards I was told by my supervisors that they liked the job we did and wanted us to do something similar at the the Manhattan Borough Training. (The second ended up being only running a few games but I enjoyed being apart of the project as well as learned a lot.)

Hmmm what else has gone on these last few weeks?

Oh! We had a Meet and Greet with the NYC Parks Commissioner, Veronica White for all of the interns. It was great to meet someone so passionate about Parks and Rec and whose gone about as far in her career as someone can go in our field. (Maybe someday I’ll have her job 😛 ). A historian for the city gave a lecture about the City’s parks history which was super interesting. My dad would have ate it up. We then had a catered lunch after the Commissioner gave her speech. She stuck around for a little while and mingled with the interns then got called away to her office. The best part was the luncheon was it was on the rooftop of the Arsenal (the same building I talked about in earlier posts).

Another interesting event that happened in the last few weeks was the opening ceremony for the City’s Pools. Seeing as the majority of my work background is in Aquatics, I was very interested in seeing how New York managed their pools. They start the summer off with a grand ceremony with a variety of VIPs such as the Commissioner, city counsel members and  some others. The Mayor was suppose to be present but he had a funeral to attend. It was hot as hell so it all went quickly.

Thats all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure I’ll remember some soon and I’ll add them to the blog! Thanks for reading!


A few interns and myself at the Commissioner Meet and Greet


The Opening Ceremony for the City Pools


Me goofing off in the Arsenal. The podium looks good on me right? 😉

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End of Week 1!

I can’t believe how fast this week flew by. I’ve had so much fun and almost no time to breathe (which is good).

This week at work I shadowed my boss at a few programming meetings that had Chiefs from all 5 boroughs. It was interesting to meet people from all around the city and not just Manhattan. It opened my eyes to the departments cooperation and program sharing. The best part of the meeting was the location. It took place on “The Arsenal” building in the East edge of Central Park, which is the offices for the NYC Parks HQ. The Parks Commissioner reins from this building and it has lots of history behind it. If you get a chance, google it and check it out. They turned the roof top into a event/meeting space with beautiful gardens all around and it over looks all of Central Park. I LOVED getting to see the City from up there even though it was hot as hell. But we’re Parks and Rec people, we SHOULD be outside!

My boss took me on a tour of Manhattan one afternoon where I was able to see most of the Parks and Recreation Centers that our department offers to the community. The best was “Imagination Playground.” This park was designed for kids to break out of the typical play experience and create their own ways to play. It has different features that can be adjusted by the kids and lets them be more creative then just playing on swings and slides. Unfortunately it is severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy and the water features are out of commission for now.

Friday night Molly and I went to Green Point (a neighborhood in Brooklyn) and had a drink at a rooftop bar (I’m obsessed with rooftops now). It was a lot of fun and we were able to socialize with some New York natives. We took it easy the next night with some wine and a movie on the Stonewall Inn, which is a bar in Manhattan.

Enjoy some pics:

.ImageArm powered bike I played with during a Adventure event.

Image 6Rooftop Programming meeting with the Borough Chiefs.

Image 7View from the rooftop meeting.

Image 1Central Park. I LOVE this park.

Image 2View from outside the apartment window in Brooklyn.

Image 8The roof of the Met.

Image 5GO PARK! Subway ad for Parks and Rec.

Skyline of Manhattan. Gotta love the concrete jungle at night.

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First Few Days!

My first few days were great! Molly, Ryan and I went for a walk and dinner in Brooklyn, where I got to see some parts of the neighborhood I’d be living in. I saw a actor from a web series I watch and we came upon a Solange Knowles concert happening in a park nearby. It was legit!

On my first day of work, the department had a grand opening of a newly renovated Recreation Center. Its called the Gertrude Ederle Center, named after the famous New Yorker that swam the English Channel. She was the first women to do it and is a loved by many here in the city. At the ribbon cutting I was able to meet the Parks Commissioner, a  few elected officials and a senator from the area. It was a crazy first day and tons of fun.

After work, I decided to go explore a little and see the different attractions that were close to my building. Central Park is a block away, Time Square is a few blocks south and Trump Tower (I’m told there are multiple) is right next door. I love the location!

My biggest fear was navigating the subway but with Ryan and Molly’s coaching the night before, I made it to work early and with no hiccups. SUCH A RELIEF. Sadly there aren’t any crazy stories of creepy/odd sightings on the subway… yet.

Oh and when I was in Times Square, I came across the World War Z World Premier. Brad Pitt was supposedly somewhere around but I didn’t feel like fighting the insane crowd to see him.

Here are some pictures that I’ve taken so far!


photo-4Times Square (Partial World War Z red carpet)




The Grand Opening of the Gertrude Ederle

Trying on hats with Molly and Ryan

My Welcome to the Apartment sign by Scully!

photo-3Empire State Building!


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Hi all,

As you all know, I have moved to New York CIty for the summer to Intern with the Manhattan Parks and Recreation Department. I am beyond excited about this opportunity and the adventures that will follow. I am creating this blog in efforts to update all of my friends and family on my experiences as well as to document any crazy happenings here in the Big Apple. I hope you enjoy!

Note: I am not a writer and my grammar is not perfect so please be kind and not critical.

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